MulchHold.. the Ultimate Ground Control.


Mulch Hold is a Ground cover sealant
that will effectively
lock the mulch in place
and maintain your landscapes appearance
making the mulch areas look better longer.


It Keeps your Landscapes

as Manicured

as the day you placed it


Mulch Hold Ground Cover sealant helps to control and stabilize ground cover materials such as Mulch, Chips, Pine Straw, pebbles and more from the effects of erosion, displacement and from decomposing in outdoor weather conditions.

The product is an organic, water based fixative that when dried becomes a water resistant emulsion designed for the control of surface soil and ground cover substrates.

Mulch Hold, when spray applied to ground cover substrates will dry forming an invisible seal which binds one particle to another forming a semi-permeable and semi-permanent mesh network. Additionally the seal will condition and protect the substrate from the deteriorating effects of outdoor weather conditions caused by, UV rays, wind, rain, sprinkling, irrigation and overspray from chemical landscape treatments. This protective coating helps to preserve the integrity of the substrate so that it remains better looking longer.

The most effective grooming  tool for your landscapes   








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